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Darrell Whiteman
A Mission Theology for All Peoples



Amos Yong
Toward a Trinitarian Theology of Religions: A Pentecostal-Evangelical and Missiological Elaboration

Michael A. Rynkiewich
“Do Not Remember the Former Things”

Tite Tiénou
Reflections on Michael A. Rynkiewich’s “Do Not Remember the Former Things”

J. Rupert Morgan
Global Trends and the North American Church in Mission: Discovering the Church’s Role in the Twenty-First Century

Wonsuk Ma
My Pilgrimage in Mission

Daryl R. Ireland
The Legacy of John Sung

Robert M. Andrews
Joshua Watson: High Church Lay Activism and the Development of Colonial Anglicanism, 1814–1855


Book Reviews

W. Jay Moon
Mission on the Road to Emmaus: Constants, Context, and Prophetic Dialogue

Todd M. Johnson
Religious Identity and Social Change: Explaining Christian Conversion in a Muslim World

George G. Hunter III
Donald A. McGavran: A Biography of the Twentieth Century’s Premier Missiologist

Allan Heaton Anderson
Migrating Faith: Pentecostalism in the United States and Mexico in the Twentieth Century

Benjamin Conner
The Story That Chooses Us: A Tapestry of Missional Vision


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